Adding attachments to the Feed


An attachment is a document that is added to a discussion already in progress. Any file or document can be added as an attachment.

Attachments are not the same as standalone documents. They differ in the following ways:

  • They can not be editing using 4th Office Edit
  • You cannot overwrite an attachment with a new version, and they have no version history
  • You cannot use an attachment to drive a workflow

If you want your attachment to have any of the attributes described above, you can duplicate it to your feed. 

Adding an attachment

Once you have started writing your comments in a discussion, the "+Add file" will appear. This allows you to add an attachment. Click the button, locate the file you want to upload from your computer, and attach it to the discussion.

Once you click Post, your attachment will appear in the discussion.  Click on the image/documents will then highlight the document you wish to duplicate.   

Duplicate attachment to your feed

If you need your attachment to take on the properties of a standard document within the 4th Office, you can promote it to a new discussion. This is very useful if someone has added a document as an attachment to a discussion and it requires further collaboration or editing. 

To promote an attachment, first click on the thumbnail of the document to get a full screen preview of it, then click "...More" then "Copy to new discussion."

The new standalone document will be part of a new discussion while preserving the original file in the original location.  This new discussion will then need to be shared with anyone you see fit, given a title (optional), and then add a comment to accompany the file.  Just fill in all the fields on pop-up window to create this new discussion complete with attachment.  

Please note this was previously referred to as promoting a file.  

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