Tags can be used for lots of different things, including:

  • Grouping together different discussions, documents or Tasks under a collective phrase, topic or keyword
  • Setting a priority for something - for example 'Urgent' or 'Next Week'
  • Giving something a status - for example 'New', 'In progress' and 'Closed'

Once Tags have been applied to Projects, discussions, documents or Tasks, they can be used to search and filter on. This makes them a great alternative to using folders and sub-folders.

Applying a Tag to a discussion

There are two ways you can apply a Tag. The first is by using the # symbol as you write a comment. Precede the # with the word you wish to make a Tag, and then hit Return on your keyboard when finished, and post the comment.

Hit Return on your keyboard.

Or you can click the 'Tag' button against an existing discussion.

Type in the word or phrase...

... and hit 'Ok' when done.

Applying a Tag to a Project

To apply a Tag to a Project, navigate to the Profile view of the Project and click 'Tag' on the right

You can then add the desired Tags.  When done the tag will show up in the overview screen of the Project. 

Using Tags to filter on your Projects

Navigate to your complete list of Projects.  You can then enter the name of a Tag as a keyword in filter.

Once selected only the projects that match the Tag you have entered will be displayed

Using Tags within the Task view to filter Tasks

Within the Task view, you can use the filter to type the name of the Tag you wish to use, and narrow down all the Tasks that have that Tag applied.

In the example below, 'Urgent' has been typed into the filter box. The 4th Office has recognised that 'Urgent' is a Tag, and made it available for selection.

Once selected, the Task view shows only the Tasks that have the Tag 'Urgent' against them.

Using Tags within the Drive view to filter documents

Within the Drive view, the 4th Office automatically displays the most relevant Tags to select from, so you can narrow down all the documents that have the Tag applied.

In the example below, 'Sales' has been selected and the Drive view shows only those documents that have the Tag 'Sales' against them.

You can also use the Free Text filter to type the name of the Tag you wish to use and narrow down all your Tasks which have that Tag applied. This is explained in the Task View section above.

Using Tags within Search

As you start typing your keywords or phrase into the Search bar, the 4th Office will display relevant Tags and allow you to click on them. This takes you to a list of the items related to that Tag.

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