Your 4th Office inbox


For simplicity, items in the 4th Office are colour-coded. For example, a blue flag shows a general Notification, usually relating to a discussion you are part of.

Your 4th Office Inbox shows in one place all the discussions and items that have a blue flag for you, or have tasks pending within the 4th Office. This makes it simple to browse through the discussions and items that require your immediate attention.

For more on when you get blue flag Notifications within the 4th Office, please see this article.

Inbox interface

Your inbox is organised like this:

  • Discussions and items that require your attention on the left 
  • Reading pane on the right 
  • Filtering options on top. 

Using filters

Filters are a powerful way to narrow down what Notifications you want to review in your inbox. You can either use the pre-set filters, or filter based on Users and contexts (Groups, Projects and Customers).

Pre-set filters

Clicking the Notifications button brings up a range of pre-set filters. These allow you to switch between all Notifications:

  • 'Notifications' are all items which have not been read
  • 'My Bookmarks' for items you have bookmarked elsewhere in 4th Office
  • 'Tasks I've set for other' for Tasks you have assigned to others
  • 'Tasks set for me' are for tasks that others have assigned to you

Dismissing notifications

To dismiss a blue flag notification, click 'Mark as read' or press 'K' on your keyboard


User and context filtering

To the right of Notifications, you have the option to start typing and filter down, based on Notifications associated with specific Users or contexts (Groups, Projects and Customers). 

You can add more than one filter if you need to. In the example below, you can see the number of Notifications reduces as the second filter is added.

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