An overview of the 4th Office


The 4th Office is a central place to organise your discussions, tasks, documents, projects, customer information and more. Its real power is that it allows you to classify any of these things multiple ways, making it easy for you and others to find them in the future.

How the 4th Office works

The 4th Office is a cloud-based software platform, so there's no need for your organisation - or IT team - to purchase any storage or software to run it. It's accessible on any computer, tablet or smartphone.

Layout and navigation

The 4th Office has four main views across the top of the screen (click to learn more):

  • Feed - real-time updates of conversations, documents and Tasks.
  • Tasks - a summary of Tasks for the context you are in.
  • Drive - all documents associated with the context you are in.
  • Profile - a summary of and information on the context you are focussed on.

You can classify your work using three different contexts:

  • A Group - a place to bring together different audiences, skills or interests.
  • A Project - workspaces to work on activities, goals and objectives.
  • A Customer - anything relevant to one of your Customers.

Every Group, Project or Customer has its own Feed, Activities, Drive and Profile views. Each displays only the information relevant to that context.

My desk

The 4th Office also aggregates into one place all the Groups, Projects and Customers you are involved with. This is called the 'My Desk' context. When in the Drive view of My desk you will see your documents and documents that have been shared directly to you. Click here to lean more.

Whichever context you are in, you will stay focussed on it as you navigate through the different views. 

You will find shortcuts, filters and helpers relevant to the context you are in. These are on the right of each view. 

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