Syncing Content

If you are already using external services such as DrobBox, Google Drive and Evernote - then we have good news!  You sync all your content with your 4th Office account.  Just navigate to Settings > Community Apps > Install. 

From here you will be given a menu of modules within 4th Office that you can select from. Please view the article relevant to the module you wish to configure to learn more. The full list of articles can be found here


Adding Additional Content (Community Managers Only)

If your community does not have Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote or Pipedrive enabled by default then you can contact your Community Manager to enable the service within your community.  

If you are the Community Manager then you can enable additional features for your users by navigating to Settings > Community Apps > Install.  This will enable the members of your community to sync content from that particular service.  See picture.



*** Be aware - by clicking "uninstall" for a service in your community will disable the feature for ALL members of your community***


If you would like to un-sync a service for just YOU then navigate to Settings > Your Apps > Uninstall.  


If you are in doubt then please don't hesitate to contact customer support by clicking the '?' in the lower right-hand corner.  

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