Public Link


The Public Link feature allows you to share single posts or documents via a URL. People can click this and view the post or document, without needing to sign up to 4th Office.

Users who are invited to view documents or posts via Public Link only have access to that post or document. They will not have access to any other part of your community. Users can leave comments, but cannot edit or update documents.

Using Public Link

If Public Link is enabled within your community, you can use it either from the feed or the document preview screen by clicking 'More...'

 Within a document

Clicking will trigger a pop-up window where you can enter the users email address and a short message to inform them about a wonderful collaborative opportunity. 


Removing Public Link Access

You can remove access to a post or document at any time. Just click the 'Share' button and then click the small X against the name of the person or email address you wish to remove access from.

Configuring Public Link

This lesson shows you how to use 4th Office's automatic public link feature but if you would like slightly more control, you can click the '?' in the lower right-hand corner and ask Support to switch your community to a manual account.  Manual accounts require that you send a URL to your intended recipient yourself. This feature is disabled by default.  

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