Inviting new Users to the 4th Office


In order for co-workers or third parties to have access to Groups, Projects, discussions and documents, they must be added into your 4th Office community as Users.

How to invite Users

We've simplified the way that new users are invited to the platform.  From any context on your left-hand menu you will see the blue "invite" link.  Simply click this and enter a few basic steps to add a new Member or Guest.  


This will launch a popup window where you can add the email address of your Member or Guest.


Now you'll have the opportunity to choose whether to make them a Member or a Guest.  An easy way to tell the difference between the two is that Members are usually your coworkers, while Guests are anyone outside your organization (examples include contractors or external collaborators).


Here you can add additional colleagues as well, plus you can instantly share to them some Customers, Groups or Projects.  This is really handy when adding multiple users that will have access to the same things.  A new marketing team for instance. 



Additional ways to invite users

You can invite users from anywhere you can share something; be it a discussion, document, group or project.

Once you have clicked the 'Shared:' field simply enter the email address of the user you wish to invite, click on the green strip as shown below to invite that new user.  

Decide if they are a Guest or a Member.

Here you will have the ability to edit their name as well.  A default avatar will be added until they set one up on their own. 

Users will instantly show up in the Shared: line of the thread.  Guests will have a distinguishing orange arrow icon, while Members will not.  This is meant to be a warning that you are sharing this content with someone outside your office. 

You can also invite users using the User menu then clicking 'Invite'


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