Adding login credentials to your Account


There are various ways to login to the 4th Office, including:

  • 4th Office username and password
  • Your company username and password (Active Directory)
  • A Google  / Gmail account
  • A Microsoft ID / Hotmail account
  • A LinkedIn account
  • A Facebook account.

You can view the login method associated with your account, as well as add or remove additional ones. The most common need for this facility is to add login accounts that are compatible with our mobile applications, or to add Google accounts to enable editing of shared Google documents. 

How to view and change your login options

Navigate to 'Settings', which is located towards the bottom of the left hand navigation bar.


To set up an additional login, be it an additional email and username account, linked service or Active Directory, click on the 'Connect' text to the right of the option, and proceed to enter your login credentials associated with that service.

If you want to remove any login service, simply select 'Remove' from the right hand text button, and that service will be disassociated with your 4th Office login policy.



 Please note: Do not remove all login services, or you will lock yourself out of your 4th Office.  You will then only be able to log in by setting up an 'Active Directory' login facility, which will require details from your network administrator.  It is safest to keep at least one sign in active at all times.  If you are worried about a security breach, changing your password or adding a new login route will ensure continued protection.

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