Introduction to the Customer module


'Customers' is a context within the 4th Office that you can use to reference comments, documents, Tasks, Groups and Projects to one or more of your Customers. It can complement an existing customer relationship management or case management system that you may already have within your business.

The module is designed to be used primarily by users within your organisation, rather than your actual customers. It gives you a customer-centric view, regardless of whether the content relates to sales, finance or support.

For example, you may have a proposal you are working on within the 4th Office that is intended for use with a particular Customer. You can create this customer within the 4th Office and then share the proposal to that Customer.

Once the proposal has been won, you will want to store the customer's contract in the 4th Office, against that Customer. Finally, your invoices can also be stored against the Customer. Going to a Customer will give you a customer-focussed view of all these documents, approvals and conversations.

Should you still use this module if you already have a CRM system?

Traditional CRM or case management systems are a good way to manage processes for your customers. For example, opportunities you have with them, jobs you need to complete for them or issues you need to solve for them. These systems manage the what and when, but typically don't support people with the how and why. 

This is where the power of the CRM module in the 4th Office comes in. Alongside the management of the process, the 4th Office can bring together the teams, documents, tasks, discussions and decisions that help you achieve your goals, all still referenced against your Customer.

Can it integrate with existing CRM systems?

Most likely, the answer will be Yes. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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