Introduction to Documents

At the heart of the 4th Office is a powerful Document management engine. Documents and files of all types can be stored. Most common documents are also visible from the browser, without needing to open them - perfect for quick reviews on your computer, tablet or smartphone.
The 4th Office also delivers great additional features such as:
  • Version history – a single Document, with previous versions easy to access and roll back to
  • Drag and drop documents quickly into the 4th Office, and also update new versions
  • Easy editing & saving – open and edit documents directly from the 4th Office and save them straight back.
  • Quick sharing – with colleagues, partners, suppliers and customers
  • Tasks and approvals – set others Tasks to review, and approve documents with a full audit trail of what has been approved and what is outstanding
  • Integration with popular Document repositories – such as Dropbox and Google Drive.
Read further articles in this section to learn more.
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