Creating, editing and deleting Customers

Creating new Customers

You can create a new Customer by clicking 'Customers' on the left hand side of the screen and then clicking '+Add'

When you create your Customer, you can add information like address and contact details. 

If you have an initial batch of Customers you wish to create, we can do this for you if you supply us with a .CSV file. Please contact us for more information.

Once you have created a Customer, you can grant access to specific Users within your organisation, if they have not been included in your community-wide access to all Customers. This is covered in this article.  For instructions on how to edit Customers, please see the section below.

Editing Customers

You can edit any of the information about the Customer. Simply select or search for the Customer, go to the Profile view and click 'Edit' on the right hand side. 

From here you can add information such as contacts at the Customer, who the account manager is, and other Users or Groups the Customer is shared with.

You can also add a description which will be displayed on the header bar when in the customer record.

Delete a customer

To delete a customer navigate to the profile page of the customer record and select 'delete' from the right hand side of the screen.

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