Document Version History


Version History allows you to build up a record of previous copies of the Document you are working on, without resorting to multiple copies labelled v1, v2, v3 and so on.

By working to a single copy of a Document, your co-workers will always know where to find the latest version. You also gain the flexibility to view all previous versions by previous authors, and roll back if required.


How does Version History work?

Editing and updating a document automatically creates and adds a new version of the document. To edit and update, you can either:

  • Open the document directly in the editor of your choice from the 4th Office (learn more)
  • Download it, edit it and upload a new version (learn more)


Where to find Version History:

Within the document view you can see the version indicator at the top of the screen. This shows what version of the document you are viewing. Click the indicator to bring up a more detailed version history.


You will then be presented with two options


1. Document Versions

This shows you which user made the change, and the date and time the change was made. To view the version of the document, click the version number.

2. Access list

This shows a list of all users who have viewed the document, and the version they viewed.


Restoring previous versions

When viewing a historic version, you'll see the option 'Make this the latest version'. On selection that particular version will be promoted to the latest version, keeping all previous versions in place.

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