Use Folders to group together files within the Documents. Each Project and Group has its own Documents, and each has its own Folder structure. In addition, each User also has a My Desk section, which also has its own Documents and Folder structure.

Creating a Folder

To create a Folder in the Documents, click the '+Add' button

Then click 'Folder'.

Give the Folder a name and description, if required. Please note that Folders will only appear in the Documents of the Group, Project, or My Desk context that they are created in.

Creating a subfolder

Go into the Folder in which you wish to create the subfolder, then simply repeat the steps above. That Folder will be created as a subfolder in your original Folder.

Adding files to a Folder

If you have yet to add your files to the 4th Office, navigate the desired folder and then add the files directly into it.

If your files already exist within the Documents you can simply drag and drop it into the desired folder.


You can also use the select button to select and drag multiple files

As an alternative you can select the files you wish to move, then click 'Move'

Select the Folder you wish to move the file or files to. At this stage you can also create new Folders if you wish.

Editing, deleting or removing a Folder

Click the 'Select' button, then select the Folder you wish to edit and click 'Edit'

Alternatively you can just click 'Delete' to delete the Folder from your drive. 

Note: If you delete a Folder the documents within it will not be deleted, they will appear back within the main section of the Documents.


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