Introduction to Tasks and the Task view


Tasking in the 4th Office can be as simple or as intricate as you need it to be. With the 4th Office, Tasks work for you, not the other way around.

The power of Tasks really comes to life when used with Projects or Customers. This immediately helps you focus and distinguish what the most important Tasks are to complete, or chase up.

Highlights of tasking include:

  • Personal tasks - viewable only by you, these handy reminders help you stay on-top of your workload.
  • Unassigned Tasks – set a Task within a project, group or customer to help everyone in the team know what needs to be done when.
  • Assigned tasks - set a task for someone to ensure accountability.
  • Document approvals – Set a Task alongside documents, with a full audit trail of actions complete and actions outstanding.
  • Multi-stage workflow Tasks – Set in motion of series of Tasks in sequence, where the next is set once the preceding one is complete.

Task view:

The Task view is where you will find a summary of Tasks: 

  • If you are in ‘My Desk’, you will see the Tasks that involve you directly, where you are either the creator of the Task, or the recipient.
  • In a Group, Project or Customer, you will see all Tasks that are related to the Group or the Project you are focussed on. 

You have two ways to organise tasks within the Task view: 

  • By date, with different columns representing different date ranges
  • By stage, where you define the stages you want to put tasks in, like 'ideas, urgent, done'

 You can drag and drop tasks between dates and stages. Read further articles in this section to learn more.

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