Configuring the Customer module

Initial configuration and allowing community-wide access

Within the Customer admin module you can configure the following:

  • Who has community wide access to all customers
  • The naming of the Customer module
  • The stages that can be applied to the customers

1. Navigate to the Customer start page (pictured) click Additional Actions (three dots) > Edit.  This will take you to the Customer customization page (as long as you are a community manager).  

2.  Here you can edit a wide range of data concerning the Customer.  Highlighted are some of the most common fields that users edit.

3.  Customers (as well as Project and Groups) can have numerous Account Managers (administrators), so it is a good idea to add more than one in this field when setting up a new Customer. 

4.  Another commonly used field is for changing the name of the Customer.  Say they change their name from BCSocial to 4th Office, you would enter this information under "Title."  This will be reflected under favorites as well.  


5.  To enable new users to view a Customer you simply click in the space "Share with" and then add additional Users, Groups or Clients.  If you are not the Account Manager of a Customer then simply ask them to add you to the Customer.

Adding stages that can be applied to the customers

Click 'Customers' on the left side of your profile, then click 'Tasks'

Click 'Add new category' to add a new category to the list. If you wish to re-order the categories use the move button on the upper left corner of each category to change their position by simply dragging it.

You can quickly add a task be entering the details within the dashed box you just created.

This task can then be moved from one stage to another easily by dragging and dropping into new stages as you see fit. 


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